Concerning the Mag and Spoilers

Hey guys, so, a lot has happened in the last few days of the Avatar Fandom...But oddly enough, not as much as we first thought! I've been finding things out for myself(Accidently ran into a slight spoiler somewhere in GreenifyME's Journal comments), I've been hearing things from Green, and I've been talking to Kat(AVidZktjo) about things...and I organized everything into a journal entry that I now have up in my DA. I think it's relevant information to consider at least, because...I'm thinking that MAYBE...this Comic book isn't what we were fearing it to be. 

Anyway, there are no spoilers in here, just reports on the progress of the spoilers around the internet. You may be surprised. 


I'm gathering thoughts here. I have just seen GreenifyME's new entry about spoilers, and earlier I had a rather fun conversation on MSN messenger with AVidZktjo in which we had a HUGE thought and brainstorm session about this whole thing.

We've come to a point where she has resigned to buy the book and read it for herself, we're both settling down, and we're ANALYZING what exactly is going on here.

And considering all me and Kat spazzed about and what I just read and considered on Green's journal...

Something about this whole thing is fishy.

And this isn't just from me reading her stuff and echoing...I had a personal experience with spoilers. No, nothing serious, I just delved a little too far into Green's Journal comments on her previous entry.

I won't divulge what I saw here for obvious reasons, but I admit, I know not to take rumors to heart these days, especially after that Maiko incident...But it got me worried.

Anyhow, I'm not taking ANYTHING SERIOUSLY until I either A, see the mag for myself, or B, see the episodes in July. Either way, I'm going off of the SHOW ITSELF when it comes to this ENTIRE MESS.

I mean, be like GanXiba's Sokka:

Skepticism, Skepticism, Skepticismmmm...

I'm actually starting to consider getting the mag myself. Or at least buying it for Aki Yasu who actually WANTS to see the ending. I'm still very much on the fence about this, but I still support my Spoiler-Free community, AWS.

But I'll tell you why I'm beginning to change my tune and am now climbing the fence.


Mike and Bryan.

What are they doing, right now, I wonder? Anyone hear any story about nick getting ranted at by them? Any words to the fandom? Have they done anything since their show was supposedly SPOILED? Where is the damage control?

There is an interview from them in the Mag. Kat is predicting that this is the KEY to what is going on here. Which is reason ONE why she is buying, that and because she's a prominent Zutara figure.

But really, what's their reaction to this? Are they angry that their show has been told almost backwards? That now the Ship war that they've cultivated and helped grow and urged debates on is now supposedly over? Or could they be approving of it? and if so, WHY?!

We know these two are tricksters. What ARE they doing?

I for one haven't heard anything about them reprimanding Nick for releasing this early. And don't you think that if this Magazine were almost word-for-word true, that they'd be just a little bit pissed that it was released before much of America has even seen WAT? We haven't heard any huge news of this...


Fishy evidence number one.


What Green has to contribute.

She says that there is a whole ONE scenario of spoilers circulating the internet. Dozens of people have this mag. Dozens of people already, supposedly know the ending to the show.

and yet there is ONE summary going around...but NO scans.

Something about this math is off.

She says that the summary that she's seen displays a poorly written ending. A bad fanfic level of story telling. And you know what, this actually kind of fits in with the little spoilage I myself read. I was left with that same, "What, that's it? You can't be serious!" feeling that Green is getting from this. I did not see the summary itself, but I saw something, and it kind of fits, now that I think on it. What I saw must have been an after effect of the summary.

Yes, this thing is directed at kids... but that only goes so far in terms of epicness if this is really true to the show...I mean, the SHOW ITSELF is directed at kids. Why after all that, would they leave something huge out?

And then there are apparently NO scans. I can't personally attest to this since I have seperated myself from the Search button for about 48 hours now, but I believe Green.

As she says, it takes literally 2 seconds to scan the comic page, get it into photobucket or upload it to DA and then SHOVE it down the throats of your rival ships. It's not like the episodes that take about a day to get formatted and uploaded to Youtube or something...

So why the absence of scans?

Have we finally grown up past the stage of petty warring? Have we decided, hey, lots of people don't want these spoilers, I think I'll keep them to myself even though my ship WON and I want to stick it to them that the others were wrong?

NO! I mean, seriously, a nice thought, but a utopian one, it's never going to happen.

The fact that there is essentially only ONE summary of events in this comic going around, either shows that A, it really happened and the mag is a severe disappointment, or B, some of the fans are getting very organized about their False!spoilers.

But the fact that this mag is so...disappointing, shows that something is definitely wrong.

The ending of the REAL AVATAR, the SHOW can't be this bad. I refuse to believe that Mike and Bryan would come up with something akin to a bad fanfic as the ending to their EPIC story.

They're geniuses, I think we already established this.

So, fishy evidence number two, and a reason why the Mag can't be completely trusted!


What me and Kat were SPAZZING about on Messenger.

We were talking about all of this. This is also where the Mike and Bryan thought came from.

But here's a little something.

Remember Rufftoon's journal, how it was explaining the comic book. That it was an ADAPTATION of the Finale.

Well, here's a little something, straight from the Messenger board.

KyokoMari: I'm actually reminded of when I was talking, or rather, venting to my mom this morning...
KyokoMari: And I told her about the comic being an adaptation of the real finale...
KyokoMari: She immediately said, "Oh, you mean, as in different than the way it really happens?
AVidZktjo: ah!
AVidZktjo: what?
KyokoMari: Which made me pause.
AVidZktjo: Awesome!
KyokoMari: And now, It's coming back
AVidZktjo: Wait, *runs off to check dictionary definition.*
KyokoMari: And it is making SENSE.
KyokoMari: Me too!
AVidZktjo: Ah!
AVidZktjo: any alteration in the structure or function of an organism or any of its parts that results from natural selection and by which the organism becomes better fitted to survive and multiply in its environment. 
b. a form or structure modified to fit a changed environment.
KyokoMari: adjustment to environmental conditions
AVidZktjo: adjustment!
AVidZktjo: yeah!
KyokoMari: OMFG!!!!!!\
AVidZktjo: ALTERATION! Did you see that!
KyokoMari: MOMMY! THANK YOU!!!!\
AVidZktjo says: MOMMY I LOVE YOU!
AVidZktjo: LOL!
KyokoMari: 8D
AVidZktjo: Tell your mom I love her, k?
KyokoMari: lol, I will be sure to!! OMG!
KyokoMari: This is GREAT!!!!
KyokoMari: OMG!!!
KyokoMari: *spazSPAZ*
AVidZktjo: I KNOW! Now I'm excited to read it cuz if it ends in Kataang...OMG!
AVidZktjo: If it ends in Kataang, you know what that means? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
KyokoMari: *giggles evilly*
KyokoMari: HECK YESH!
AVidZktjo: Can I just scream now?
KyokoMari: YEEEES
KyokoMari: Plz do! ^^

Yes, it is a COMIC adaptation of the show, the story put into a comic form...But remember, it's also a COMIC for FOUR to EIGHT year olds.

Something is going to be left out. I mean, they even AIMED at BELOW their demographic of 6 to 14! Rufftoon went STRAIGHT ON and said that it was for little kids. Not great literature. NOT AS EPIC AS AVATAR SHOULD BE, MAYBE?

So, this also fits in to what I mentioned before. This proves that something is off about this mag.

So what is this Magazine, really? What relevence does it actually hold to the show itself?

It's an adaptation. It was scheduled at first to be released after Avatar ended. After Avatar ends, it doesn't matter what they put in the comic, really. because it happened in the show. THE SHOW is the story. The comics are secondary, they're supplements.

Even those sketches of "what-if" scenarios including a Fire-Lady Mai were not serious. And yet some still use them as evidence, I'm sure.

What has been taken out? is it all truthful? How much of this was ALTERED to suit the kids?

How have the shippings been depicted? Is it truthful? Is it LOGICAL? Would it make sense to a kid? Would it make sense to the SHOW???

Whichever ship happens, it could be easily taken by a child. Want more info on that, I'll direct you over to Kat's journal on the subject, because she has it down to a T.

And you know what...What if there was NO clear winner of the huge shipping war in this mag? Is this a possiblity? That would explain the lack of scans, really...

 But really, Zutara can be logical to a kid. It actually sounds more like a fairy tale than Kataang does. It's as simple as they were once enemies, now they fight on the same side, and they FALL IN LOVE. It does not get any simpler than that.

And what at the age of four are you mostly hearing about in terms of stories? Fairy Tales. Especially if you're growing up on the old school Disney movies. It might actually have an appeal to those of the younger audiences. Kataang...Just doesn't have anything like that. I'm sorry, it's just so simple and cliche.

I don't know what ship happens. Either in the show or in the book.

But either way, I'm not taking ANY of this stuff seriously until I see it unfolding before my eyes. I can buy the book, see Aang and Katara kissing a the end of it all, but really...I don't think I'll believe it until I see it happening in the show. Because that's what is real here, people, the SHOW. If this was the real ending...Mike and Bryan would be having a cow at Nick like we are.

And I have seen so much against Kataang. I have seen so much support for Zutara. They're going on their own at the beginning of the finale. All the focus on THEM. All the mother references between her and Aang. The ambiguous kiss, the jump back from the kiss. I mean, it's pointing towards Zutara!!

If Kataang DOES happen... I will be so severely disappointed. Why put all that emphasis on those aspects of the show, why put them ALONE TOGETHER in the FINALE, why bring back JUN, why give them so much to relate to each other, why give them that DEEP connection over their mothers...WHY DO ALL OF THIS STUFF IF IT ISN'T GOING TO AMOUNT TO SOMETHING?? WHY would they put so much development on the Avatar State  and Aang's struggle to master it?!

This is the time when Kataang, if it were to, FINALLY after over 2 seasons, happen, would need to happen...And um...Katara's going off with Zuko? Yeah. right. Development ahoy, but not for Kataang...

Kataang has taken too long. I am truthfully sick of it. I'm sorry, but I am. I kind of just want Katara to come out and SAY she doesn't have feelings for him already.

I could tolerate MAIKO happening before I accept Kataang.

Let's say this. If Kataang happens, I'll accept it. Factually, but NOT emotionally. I can NEVER see it. I will still ship Zutara, because I believe that it's the most logical and above all BEAUTIFUL romance on this whole show.

I may not appreciate Mike and Bryan's decision if they end it like that, in fact, I'll probably HATE it...but hey, their story, not mine, I can't do anything about it. Augh.

Anyway, I'm getting off topic. But my point about this is, don't take everything you hear, or even what you read COMPLETELY seriously. At least be skeptical when reading, and let the SHOW itself guide us the right way.

I'm still scared of what I'll find. I'm still scared of spoilers, but this comic has lost a little bit of its initial intimidation with me.

Remember, Mike and Bryan love surprising us. Why would they have allowed this to be released if they didn't want to completely blow us away with the real ending? This happened far too easily.

They are misleading us, even if only to a point. They have to leave a lot out for this to have happened. Something about this Magazine isn't right. If you have the magazine, just go and read the interview. Draw your own conclusions. Look between the lines.

Meanwhile, I'm going to stay up on this fence for a while longer...I don't want spoilers...But I want to see this for myself, kind of. I don't want to be scared to death of this thing only to find out after the show that it wasn't a threat at all.

It's an interesting situation, but I'll manage.




Yeah, I got a little off topic and ranty towards the end, I know...but do you guys understand my point? There is something fishy about this magazine. I'm not sure what it is because I haven't bought the book and I am still debating if I will..and I haven't had any spoilers beyond the one I mentioned.

And actually, where I mentioned that there are NO scans?

Yeah, I can actually attest to that now; last night after posting this, I carefully navigated through the search. I put in Zutara, and I put in Kataang. I got to the place in the Zutara search I was at a few days ago, and not a scan was in sight. I haven't tried Photobucket yet, but still. This is really wierd. 

--And I've figured out the whole userpic thing, so no worries! ^^


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We're Up and Running!

This is great, we already have about 6 members in AWS! 

Alright, so quick note here, I'm going to be disappearing for long amounts of time for the next few days. I have a lot of stuff to do to finish up my Art History course in College. Everything is due on Monday, and I still have about 12 journals to do, along with my Art Museum Essay that needs to be written. 

I'll be checking in every once in a while to see how things are going, and to accept and invite new members. I'm already screening all my pages on Deviant Art for spoilers, so I'm going to try to keep on that and keep my corner of DeviantArt safe. 

Also, members, if you want to spread the word of this place to your other friends, then...Well, do it! lol! The more Spoiler-free spazzing Zutarians the better! 

--Also, a note about this site, which I'm still confused about navigating and such...I've uploaded several of my icons that I want to be used as my userpic...And I've seen people that have theirs change every once in a while, like a randomizer  or something...So, my question is, how do you do that? I love all my icons too much to just have one all the time!! lol!

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Ok, so this site is totally wonky, I'm still confused as to how it works...Is this going to go into my Community or into my Journal? 

Either way, it does not matter, I created an account on this for one reason and one reason only...

So myself and other Avatards can hide away from the incoming spoilers that are coming soon from the far-too-early realease of the Magazine. This place if for my friends on DeviantArt and Gaia and anywhere else to gather, chat, have fun, speculate on the show, and above all else, NOT HAVE TO SEVER TIES WITH EACH OTHER UNTIL JULY JUST BECAUSE NICKELODEON IS BEING A BUNCH OF IDIOTIC AND DISRESPECTFUL SLAVE DRIVERS...

Spoilers will be everywhere by the time the weekend is half over. They will be on DeveiantArt. You will type in "Zutara" in the search, and you will get the results of the shipping war. Type in "Avatar" and you'll get Countless other aspects of the endgame of the show. 

You'll find out who dies, who lives, who ends up with who, and how it all happens, and that is something I and many others I've talked to DON'T want to find out from a comic that should only be secondary to what Avatar truly is; a brilliant and masterful animation, a work of art that should be sitting far above teh other crap that Nickelodeon sports, instead of where Nick has tossed it at the bottom while Spongebob and Zoey 101 sit on pedestals above it. 

Comics are all well and good, but it doesn't compare to the THRILL of watching the events unfold before your eyes, the feeling that you are watching at the same time as countless other fans and friends across the country. Nothing compares to the thrill of speculating in the time between episodes. 

It can't end in a Comic book, but unfortunately, Nickelodeon ignores this fact, and is actually probably screwing it's own ratings as it's doing this. 

But I'm here to create this community, AWS....That's "Avatards Without Spoilers"... so that we can gather in a spoiler free zone. We can continue to make fanart and speculate the ending, we can post our art on DA, or we can move over to Photobucket, but we can hide out here until July if it takes that long. We can link our work, link to other's work that we find in the safety of our watch lists(with giving proper credit, OF COURSE!) and so we can continue to fangirl without succumbing to Spoilers. 

Also, this is primarily a Zutara gathering place...I mean, I'm sorry, but that's mainly who my friends are over on DA, these are the people I spaz with, these are the people I don't want to lose touch with just because we're afraid to come onto DeviantArt. I'm an avid Zutarian, and so are these people. If you're a Kataanger and you want to join, you may, but ONLY on the condition that you can put up with mass amounts of Zutara fanart, spazzing and other modes of fangirling with out freaking out and bashing. 

Bashing and spoiler posting will be answered with swift banning and deletion of posts. 

So, gather, my friends, be not afraid of the interwebs...Hide out here, in Avatards Without Spoilers!
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