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We're Up and Running!

This is great, we already have about 6 members in AWS! 

Alright, so quick note here, I'm going to be disappearing for long amounts of time for the next few days. I have a lot of stuff to do to finish up my Art History course in College. Everything is due on Monday, and I still have about 12 journals to do, along with my Art Museum Essay that needs to be written. 

I'll be checking in every once in a while to see how things are going, and to accept and invite new members. I'm already screening all my pages on Deviant Art for spoilers, so I'm going to try to keep on that and keep my corner of DeviantArt safe. 

Also, members, if you want to spread the word of this place to your other friends, then...Well, do it! lol! The more Spoiler-free spazzing Zutarians the better! 

--Also, a note about this site, which I'm still confused about navigating and such...I've uploaded several of my icons that I want to be used as my userpic...And I've seen people that have theirs change every once in a while, like a randomizer  or something...So, my question is, how do you do that? I love all my icons too much to just have one all the time!! lol!

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